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A Safer, Cheaper, & Simpler Way to Accept Payments Online.

Advanced payment Technology

Securter transforms any cellphone into a payment terminal to enable easy and safe contactless payments.


Scan Card

Enter CCV

Payment Processed

Accept Contactless
Payments from

Protect your customers with a safe, cheap & simple payment solution. With Securter, customers can scan their credit cards using their phones & payments will be processed without saving any credit card information.


Lost to credit card fraud annually

Billions of dollars are lost to credit card fraud annually, hurting not only consumers, but businesses like yours.

By eliminating manual credit card entry, we safeguard your online transactions from hacking, fraud and unauthorized card payments to keep your revenue steady and secure.

Accept Contactless
Payments from

Online shopping made easier

Payments in your Pocket

Securter replaces your clunky card terminal with a simple, secure way to accept online and in-person card payments right from the smartphones your customers use every day.

Accelerate e-commerce with alternative payments

Easily and securely deploy the next generation of digital payments.

Reduce checkout bounce rates

Have less users abandon cart at checkout with an easy, instant payment option.

Protect yourself and your customers

Encourage a safe and convenient payment solution.

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We’ll set up Securter on your site for you, completely free of charge.

Safer & Cheaper in-store payments

Perfect Payment Method for Your Brick & Mortar Business


Register your business with Securter for free to get started.


Customers check out online and in-store using Securter by scanning their cards on a phone.


You can rest assured that all payments are secure and that your income is protected.

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Securter is trusted by many types of businesses and online shops all around the globe. Help your customers pay using Securter’s compliant, market-leading tech and purpose-built with the needs of businesses like yours in mind.

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