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Turn Your Phone Into

A Payment Terminal.

Simply download our app
– a more convenient way to pay.

The Future of Contactless
Payments is Here.

Why rummage through change or flip through cards when you can pay with your phone? With Securter, you can make secure payments online or in-store. Checking out is as easy as scanning your credit card.


Download our app


It’s easy to maintain social distancing
in your favourite stores


No swiping, no inserting and
no information to fill out

Express Checkout?

Securter puts the payment terminal in your hands. So when you find what you want, you’re ready to checkout, hassle-free.

How Securter Helps You.


All you have to do is scan your credit card with your phone, we’ll send a secure payment directly to the vendor and you’re good to go.


When you’re ready to checkout, choose the Securter payment option, scan your credit card with your phone, then you’ll get a confirmation that a secure payment has been sent.

No Download. Not Now. Not Ever.

No matter where you shop, Securter and merchants never store your credit card information, significantly reducing the chance for fraudulent activity and stolen funds